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Transcribers at the Suffolk Records Office TRANSCRIBERS AND CHECKERS are still required, especially in the Record Offices where the original registers are available. For those working at home, copies of parish register pages on microfiche are provided by the Society together with full instructions. Whilst some of the early handwriting is unfamiliar much is copperplate and with time even the scribble can be deciphered. If you would like to help & want to know more please contact our Marriage Index Co-ordinator, Baptism Index Co-ordinator or Workhouse Co-ordinator.


The initial phase, 1813-1837 was published as a series of 17 volumes, between 1992 and 2005, and the following year on a single CD (ref. no. MI/01).

Each entry comprises: groom & bride's surnames & forenames, if widower/widow, places of origin, together with date and parish where married. Click here to see a sample page.

The second phase, 1754 to 1812, follows the same format, and was published, as work progressed, in a series of eight CD's (ref. no. MI/02 to MI/09) each covering parishes within a deanery or group of deaneries. For areas covered by deaneries see Suffolk Parishes.19th Century Suffolk Deaneries

01. Ipswich Deanery (complete)
02. Bosmere, Claydon, Loes & Orford (complete)
03. Carlford, Colneis, Samford & Wilford (complete)
04. Blackbourne, Stow, Thedwastre & Thingoe (complete)
05. Sudbury (complete)
06. Hartismere, Hoxne, Wangford (complete)
07. Clare & Fordham (complete)
08. Dunwich & Lothingland (complete) LATEST

The final phase, up to 1753, is progressing with about half of the parishes transcribed and checking on-going.


This project follows closely the format used by the Burials Index, and so contains almost all the register details for each entry, arranged under headings as used in the printed registers plus 'Additional Information' for margin notes, etc.
Only church notes, including name of the incumbent, unless father of the baptised, are not included.
Click here to see a sample page

The first phase, 1813-1900, was started in 2003 and with most of the 517 Anglican parishes having been transcribed, checking is now in progress by deanery areas.

The second phase, 1754-1812, started in 2009, is progressing with two teams, one in the west & one in the east of county transcribing & checking parishes by deanery areas

Completed parishes are being published by deanery areas on a series of CD's

(see map & table below for areas covered and details of progress).
For parishes covered by deaneries see Suffolk Parishes. 19th Century Suffolk Deaneries

Ref Deanery or Deanery Group Phase 1
Phase 2
 1 Thingoe complete complete
 2 Clare complete complete
 3 Sudbury (West) complete complete
 4 Sudbury (East) complete complete
 5 Stow & Thedwastre complete complete
 6 Ipswich complete complete
 7 Samford & Colneis complete complete
 8 Blackbourn complete complete
 9 Fordham complete complete
10 Hartismere LATEST complete
11 Bosmere & Claydon complete complete
12 Hoxne complete LATEST
13 Loes & Orford in progress in progress
14 Carlford & Wilford complete complete
15 Dunwich    
16 Elmham & Wangford complete  
17 Lothingland    


This project aims to provide easier access to Suffolk Workhouse Records and is being undertaken in two phases:

1. New Poor Law (1834 to 1930)
2. Old Poor Law (pre 1834)

From 1834 nineteen Unions were created covering all parishes in Suffolk and included some in Cambridgeshire, Essex & Norfolk.

Registers of births/baptisms & deaths/burials survive, in part, for twelve of these Unions and work on transcribing these is presently underway at Suffolk Record Offices. If you are interested in helping with this please contact our Workhouse Co-ordinator